Sarah Stanley a Birth Photographer and Doula from Love at First Sight Photography & Doula Services

About Sarah from Love at First Sight Photography & Doula Services

I am a veteran of the United States ARMY, Doula, Professional Birth Photographer, Jesus following, essential oil using, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, wife and mother to two wonderful boys, one princess and two angle babies.

I have always been fascinated and in LOVE with photography and birth. I started my photography journey in 2012 and after a short few months I attended my first birth and knew this was what the Lord wanted me to do. Birth work!

After the birth of my second child I attend DONA Doula training in 2014 and worked with the YWCA teen mothers program for a year.  

I look forward to meeting you, your new edition and family in a free no obligation meet and greet

Love at First Sights Birth Philosophy: We believe that childbirth is an amazing experience that not only results in the birth of a precious baby but the birth of a mother and family. We support mothers in communicating effectively with their birth team, trust their instincts and be as educated as much as possible not only in birth but the journey into parenthood as well. 

We believe in supporting all women and all birthing experiences with love and without judgment. We recognize that each birth and person is unique and do not cast judgment on how you and your family wish to bring your baby into the world. 


                -We love because he first loved us-   John 4:19

-My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you- 
                                        John 15:12