Breastfeeding Awareness month 2018

2018 Breastfeeding Awareness month



Every year I volunteer at Live Love Latch events with La Leche League, Black breastfeeding awareness week at the Women's Birth and Wellness Center and host multiple gatherings including the Big Latch on and mini breastfeeding groups and portrait sessions through out the month of August. 

My breastfeeding adventure started back in 2010 with the birth of my first child. Being active duty military I was faced with many road blocks, but I refused to let them get in my way and my right as a mother to feed my child. I was able to pave the way for many soldiers after me and haven't looked back. 

I now have three children of my own and the precious bond I had with each of them is something I will cherish for eternity and my goal is to document these bonds for other mothers as well as being a listening ear and encouragement to other mothers when motherhood has us down. 

It takes a village to raise a child and I am honored/blessed to walk with so many families in our area through mother groups, la leche events and birthing clients. 

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