Doula Support

You maybe wondering what a birth doula is and what a birth doula can provide you during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. 

A birth doula is a compassionate individual who provides information, emotional and physical support for a woman during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.

Each mother is different on what they need and want during labor, so the role for a doula will change slightly from client to client. Some examples may range from massage, relaxation, comfort measures, information on options, childbirth education, a listening ear, reassurance, encouragement and hoe to effectively talk with her caregivers.

Doula clients will receive two prenatal appointments before labor to get acquainted with each other, talk about your priorities, fears, concerns, assisting with birth plan, discussing pain management, how your partner and yourself plan to work together during labor if applicable. 

Doula clients will receive one postpartum visit where we are available to help process your birth if needed, help with breastfeeding support, help around the house doing small tasks, talk about motherhood and what to expect. 

$850 investment. Unlimited text, phone and email support. On call period from 38 weeks until birth, two prenatal appointments, one postpartum appointment and 3 professional portraits right after birth photographing first family portrait and announcment portraits. 

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