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Love at First Sight Photography and Doula Services offers a wide array of services to the birthing community of the Greensboro, Statesville, Winston Salem, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Cary, Durham, Raleigh, Graham, Central, Triad, Triangle areas of North Carolina.

Birth Philosophy

We believe that childbirth is an amazing experience that not only results in the birth of a sweet baby but the birth of a family. We support families in communicating effectively with their birth team, to trust their instincts and to be as educated as much as possible not only in birth but the journey into parenthood as well. 

We believe in supporting all families and all birthing experiences with love and without judgment. We recognize that each birth and person is unique and do not cast judgment on how you and your family wish to bring your sweet baby into the world. 

We have experience in unmedicated births, epidural use, other pain management use, Water births, cesarean birth and VBAC in a wide array of birth settings in hospitals, birth centers and homebirths around the North Carolina area.

Doula and Birth Photography in North Carolina

Doula Services


Women have been comforted and assisted in birth by the support of other women for centuries. Our goal in your birth is to provide support to your entire family during labor and birth by providing continuous, non-judgmental support throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth and after.




Doula and Birth Photography in North Carolina

Birth Documenting


Remember those intimate moments of child birth forever and celebrate your baby's "birth"day with the most memorable session you will ever purchase. Birth is such a memorable time in your life and the most forgotten as far as photography.

Birth photography stories are a photo-journalistic documentary of your baby’s arrival. To give you a personalized service, I only accept 1-2 births per month so that you feel supported by me from pregnancy through birth. I hand edit each of my images in my own signature style, so that you are sure to receive my very best work.


Doula, Birth Photography, Sibling Doula services North Carolina

Sibling Doula

Starting at $30 hr

As a mother I understand the need to have a safe, caring option for older siblings either at the birthing location or in your home. I am solely your child(ren) doula.
If present at the birthing location I reassure and help your child(ren) participate as much as they and the family choose while also caring for their basic needs. 
If caring for your child(ren) at your home while you go to your birthing location, I will care for your child, prepare meals, make crafts, play games, bake birthday cake, document this fun time so you can look back at, document the first meet of siblings if I am still present, tidying and basic pet care.     



Bundle Birth Documenting and Doula Services


Same great services as explained above wrapped into one. Sarah will do both doula services and birth documenting. This is a great option for those who wish to leave the birth space uncluttered.  


Lifestyle photography Central, Traid, Triangle areas of North Carolina

Newborn Life Style


Lifestyle session in your home documenting the child's nursery and house. This session does not include newborn posing, lights or props. This session is strictly capturing the families sweet moments with the new edition in a more natural setting.  

*Small travel fee if location is outside 30 miles 27253

Fresh 48 photography for Central, Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina Love at First Sight Photography & Doula Services


Fresh 48


Photos taken with in the first 48 hours of your little ones life. These photos are taken in your hospital room, if discharged before can be taken in home or if home birth your house for those families that do not want the entire labor or birth documented. This is a lifestyle session and will not include posing, lights or props. This is a session strictly capturing the baby's sweet new moments in a natural way.

*Small travel fee if location is outside 30 miles 27253

Birth Tub Rental and Manager in Greensboro North Carolina


Birth Tub Manager


Needing a birth tub but not a doula? You will receive a one on one instructional consult on tub maintenance by Kimberly over the phone. She will be present to set up your pool, tear down and providing all the accessories required by your care provider. The best part is she is ONLY 10 minutes from Womens Birth Hospital in case fast set up and break down is required. 

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Capturing the pure beauty of your pregnancy in ever lasting portraits. This is such a memorable and special time as you grow this beautiful, amazing human from just an egg. Document all your hard work in this amazingly beautiful session geared just at you and your baby bump.