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Love at First Sight Photography and Doula Services offers a wide array of services to the birthing community of Central, Triad, Triangle areas of North Carolina.

Birth Philosophy for Love at Fist Sight Photography & Doula Services

We believe that childbirth is an amazing experience that not only results in the birth of a sweet baby but the birth of a family. We support families in communicating effectively with their birth team, to trust their instincts and to be as educated as much as possible not only in birth but the journey into parenthood as well. 

We believe in supporting all families and all birthing experiences with love and without judgment. We recognize that each birth and person is unique and do not cast judgment on how you and your family wish to bring your sweet baby into the world. 

We have experience in unmedicated births, epidural use, other pain management use, Water births, cesarean birth and VBAC in a wide array of birth settings in hospitals, birth centers and homebirths around the North Carolina area.

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